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How to create the perfect coffee every time

The buttons on your Caffitaly System machine have been automatically set up. Each Caffitaly System Capsule has been conveniently colour coded on its lid. This colour coding is also displayed on the side of the capsule box to make your in-store purchase decision easier.

We recommend you choose the corresponding coloured button on your Caffitaly System machine, matching the same colour on the capsule lid to achieve the perfect cup.

Follow the easy pour guide recommendations, colour coded for the perfect coffee beverage.

  • Red button 30mL for the perfect Espresso coffee

  • Blue button 50mL for the perfect flavourinfused Espresso coffee

  • Green button 80mL for the perfect Latte, Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate

Add creamy hot milk forth

The Caffitaly System offers a flexible range of solutions for frothing fresh milk. The Bella milk frother features automatic settings so you can easily make your favourite cappuccinos, lattes and hot milk drinks.

The Milano capsule machine has the same automatic settings integrated within the milk system. You are just one touch away from creating your favourite café quality espressos, flavoured coffees and hot chocolates at home.