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Stylish, Italian designed machines
featuring advanced capsule technologies

Grinders Coffee Roasters have collaborated with Caffitaly to design a unique
system of machines and capsules to deliver your favourite café quality drinks
conveniently at home.


Making Café Quality Drinks at Home

Expertly roasted coffee, blended with flavours
in the convenience of a capsule

Grinders is bringing the café experience into your home with a simple, easy-to-use and convenient
one-touch capsule system. Rich in possibilities, the Grinders Coffee Roasters range offers quality espresso
blends varying in strength, body, aroma and flavour.

Locked in freshness

Caffitaly’s unique dual filter system delivers a café quality drink at home. The upper filter pre-infuses the coffee with the optimal distribution of water, while the lower filter ensures the right pressure, for the best possible extraction. With more coffee and more flavour, our capsules deliver the Caffitaly System difference.

  • Sealed for ultimate freshness
  • The blend is specially selected, roasted and ground
  • Caffitaly System uses more coffee and ingredients in each capsule to deliver more flavour